Why o why?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Reading and ‘researching’ the other day, I came across cyclothymiabites.wordpress.com. She lamented a lack of information, guidance, camaraderie, whatever¬† for ‘sufferers’ of cyclothymia.

I’ll come back to ‘suffering’, or otherwise, later, but as I read through her blog I realised that I was her. She was me. Also that it might help to write my way through my condition.

I am currently on the BUJO bandwagon (give me a bandwagon and I’m there -pinterest is, so, so sadly, my second home! – too many commas? I’m never sure) but I don’t seem to be able to write reams of stuff in my pretty notebook. I get scribbly and frantic and my hand can’t keep up with my brain, or my mumbling.

Untidy handwriting DOES matter, okay. It just does.

So, because wordpress suggested I tell people (readers?) why I  am starting this blog. And because I always do as I am told, hence my state of mental (again more of that later) here I am.

Being me.

Blithering my way through this until I find my ‘authentic voice’.

God – are those quote marks annoying you as much as me? I just really need you to get the irony, sarcasm, whatever, that I feel towards so much of the jargon that swirls around me at the moment.

And, again, wait until I start on my journey through the NHS. I will probably wear my ‘ button out. Yes you all know what I mean. Anybody else who is ‘mentalnotmental’ will understand where I am coming from.

Hey, I might even be able to start my own bandwagon, prescription meds, tissues, tea and biscuits supplied. You have to bring your own self-medications because you know how varied and wonderful they can be.

Knitting anybody?




And on that note of impulse control, or not, I will down my carbamazepine, zopiclone and quetiapine and stagger off to bed.

Sweet, foggy, uninterrupted dreams everyone.

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